[SOLVED] ChilliSpot-Bandwidth-Max-Up doesn't work

I've installed CoovaAP on Linksys WRT54GL. There is coova-chilli - 1.0.15-pre1-1
I'm trying to limit upstream bandwidth but ChilliSpot-Bandwidth-Max-Up and WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up doesn't work. WRT is correctly limiting downstream to user but upstream isn't limited. What's wrong? Where should I start looking?

I don't know what's the

I don't know what's the problem at your side, but it works for me without issues.
It is in your dictionary file, right?

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In my dictionary file the're

In my dictionary file the're definitions of ChilliSpot-Bandwidth-Max-Down and ChilliSpot-Bandwidth-Max-Up. Radius sends to CoovaAP in reply Max-Down and Max-Up. CoovaAP is correctly limiting Download Bandwidht but Upload Bandwidth is always set to max. I've also tried to set WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up and WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down - limiting download to user is working correctly, limiting upload not. I've got this problem only with CoovaAP installed on Linksys WRT54GL. When I've installed coova-chilli on ubuntu it works correctly - limit upload and download bandwidth.

Strange, I use it mainly on

Strange, I use it mainly on wrt54gl's too and for me it's working.
What version of chilli do you use? (I use 1.0.12)

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CoovaAP: 1.0 beta

CoovaAP: 1.0 beta 8
coova-chilli - 1.0.15-pre1-1 - (I've installed it by ipkg)
Linksys WRT54GL v1.1

Maybe I didn't install some package? I have no idea :( Do you use coovachili on CoovaAP firmware or other?

I've just upgraded to 1.0 beta 9 and my problem is gone :) Thx for reply :)