CoovaChilli - chilli_query(1)


chilli_query - Interface into the chilli server


chilli_query [ -s <unix-socket> ] list

chilli_query [ -s <unix-socket> ] authorize

chilli_query [ -s <unix-socket> ] logout <client-mac-address>


chilli_query is an interface into the running chilli server. It provides an administrator the ability to see who is logged in, to force a client to be logged out, or force a client to be authorized.


To list all connected clients (subscribers) providing the MAC Address, IP Address, internal chilli state (dnat, pass, etc), the session id (used in Acct-Session-ID), authenticated status (1 authorized, 0 not), user-name used during login, duration / max duration, idle time / max idle time, input octets / max input octets, output octets / max output octets, max total octets, status of option swapoctets, bandwidth limitation information, and the original URL.
To explicity authorize a client, or change the session parameters of an already authorized client, by setting a series of session parameters.

PARAMETERS ; ip <ip-address> : Select the session to be authorized by the IP address using this option (may be used with the option below)

sessionid <session-id>
Select the session to be authorized by the Session-ID (may be used with the above option)
Sets the username of the session.
Sets the max session time of the session.
Sets the max idle time of the session.
maxoctets <number-of-bytes>
Sets the max data (input + output) limit of the session.
maxinputoctets <number-of-bytes>
Sets the max input data limit of the session.
maxoutputoctets <number-of-bytes>
Sets the max output data limit of the session.
Sets the max up bandwidth of the session.
Sets the max down bandwidth of the session.

logout <client-mac-address>
Logout and releases the DHCP lease of a client explicitly based on the MAC address (gotten from a list command).


  1. chilli_query list 00:0D:XX:XX:XX:XX dnat 46c83f70000 0 - 0/0 0/0
  1. chilli_query authorize ip sessiontimeout 60 username me
  1. chilli_query list 00:0D:XX:XX:XX:XX pass 46c83f70000 1 me 2/0 2/0
  1. chilli_query logout 00:0D:XX:XX:XX:XX
  1. chilli_query list | awk (aq{ ($5 == 1) { print "User " i++ print " MAC: " $1 print " IP Address: " $2 print " Session ID: " $4 print " Username: " $6 print " Duration / Max: " $7 print " Idle / Max: " $8 print " Input Octets / Max: " $9 print " Output Octets / Max: " $10 print " Max Total Octets: " $11 print " Using swapoctets: " $12 print " % / Max Up Bandwidth: " $13 print " % / Max Down Bandwidth: " $14 print " Original URL: " $15 } }(aq User 1 MAC: 00-11-XX-XX-XX-XX IP Address: Session ID: 46fd423c00000001 User URL: Duration / Max: 219/0 Idle / Max: 3/0



UNIX socket used to daemon communication.


chilli(8) chilli.conf(5)


See for further documentation and community support. The original ChilliSpot project homepage is/was at


David Bird. CoovaChilli and ChilliSpot are licensed under the Gnu Public License.