CoovaChilli - chilli_opt(1)


chilli_opt - Configuration utility for CoovaChilli


chilli_opt <chilli-options>


chilli_opt is a utility to configure a chilli server. The utility take all the arguments of CoovaChilli, parses the configuration file, and then write out the configuration into a binary form ready for a running chilli server to pick up and use (without delay).

This utilitiy is executed by chilli from a forked process to off-line the processing of the configuration, including waiting for any DNS resolution, etc. When chilli_opt is done processing the configuration, it writes it to a binary format (and system architecture depended) file. When executed by chilli the binary file used is config.bin found in a process specific directory in the temporary file system, such as /tmp/chilli-1000/config.bin where 1000 is the process id of the running chilli server.


  1. chilli_opt --version
  1. chilli_opt -b /tmp/chilli-[pid]/config.bin -r


chilli(8) chilli.conf(5)


See for further documentation and community support.


David Bird, Coova Technologies, LLC.

CoovaChilli and ChilliSpot are licensed under the Gnu Public License.