CoovaChilli Configuration

Basic Configuration

See either the /etc/chilli/defaults or /usr/local/etc/chilli/defaults (depending on how you installed chilli) file for details on possible configurations. Copy this file to config (in the same directory) and edit the settings. To load the settings and start chilli, run "/etc/init.d/chilli start". This will generate main.conf, local.conf, and hs.conf files in "/etc/chilli/" or "/local/sbin/chilli/" for you. In order to make changes to the settings at a later date, rerun chilli start.

Per default, it is assumed that Ethernet device eth0 is your connection to the Internet and eth1 is the interface you want to have clients (subscribers) on. If this is not the case, then change the HS_WANIF configuration to be your Internet connected device and HS_LANIF to be your WiFi device, for example. With the right devices configured, restart chilli and you are on your way.

RADIUS Settings

MAC Authentication

UAM Authentication

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