Building CoovaChilli

Compile-time options when building CoovaChilli:

Disable use of leaky bucket rate shaping.
Disable use of chillixml (safe to do in most cases)
Disable support for JSON support
Disable support for session walled garden
Disable support for IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN tagging on dhcpif interface)
Enable support for VSA attribute proxy
Enable larger limits for use with non-embedded systems. Bigger memory usage for more users
Enable support for binary status file. The status bin file saves and restores session state
Enable support for status file. The status file is informational only
Enable support for HTTP AAA Proxy. Required for uamaaaurl
Enable support for RadSec AAA Proxy. Required SSL support
Enable support for redir server. Required for uamregex
Enable support Coova miniportal. Includes a simple haserl captive portal
Enable support for route monitoring deamon (experimental)
Enable net interface nat (experimental)
enable support for OpenSSL. Required for radsec, redirssl, or uamuissl
enable support for MatrixSSL. Required for radsec, redirssl, or uamuissl
enable support for Netfilter_queue
enable support for coova kernel module
enable support for pcap
enable support for curl (optional and used with --enable-chilliproxy
enable support for mmap (experimental)
enable support for poll (epoll is auto-detected and used if available)
enable support for msgsnd/msgrcv SV IPC

Installing CoovaChilli